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NAZI SCUM-Windbreaker

$28.00 / On Sale

Due to popular demand, we decided to reprint this piece on Breakers!

For some reason or another, there's seemingly a growing faction amongst us that believes it's ok to push an archaic ideology of bigotry & hatred. Whether it's under the cover of this current administration is besides the point. This piece is an outright rejection of racial intolerance. Be warned!

Hooded Specs:
-100% Nylon Shell | 100% Polyester Lining
-Classic Coaches Jacket with full button up front & Hood
-Water resistant
-Black Polyester lining

*When washing, please stick to the care on the label to a tee. The ink that these are printed with is infused with an extra additive but they may chip with wear when you wash them. For best longevity, hand-wash & air dry!